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Dimitris Banousis

Consultant, PhD Candidate at Panteion University

Contact Information:

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Dimitris Banousis is a consultant specialized in planning and environmental policy, with a MSc Degree in Urban Planning, Spatial Planning & Regional Development and a M.A. in European Studies, having more than nine years of professional experience. He is a PhD candidate, conducting his research at the Department of International, European and Area Studies of Panteion University.

His academic research interests focus on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) and Blue Growth. He has a multidisciplinary academic background with strong focus on planning, covering aspects of both technical and theoretical approaches. Having obtained his MSc diploma in the Polytechnic School of Urban Planning, Spatial Planning & Regional Development decisively influenced his later academic course, which has in one way or another always been connected with the planning policies and initiatives. At first he focused on terrestrial spatial planning and continued by shifting his research interest from terrestrial to marine environment from a spatial perspective. In this context he received a MA in International, European and Area Studies by investing in MSP and conducting a relevant thesis: “MSP promoting blue growth. EU initiatives and policies”. Furthermore he upgraded his academic research approach by focusing on MSP in a regional sea scale. The topic of his thesis is: "Driving forward the Integrated Maritime Policy by launching planning processes. The transboundary dimension of Maritime Spatial Planning in the Adriatic & Ionian Macroregion", supervised by Professor Gr. Tsaltas.

He currently works as a consultant in the Environmental Association of Municipalities of Athens & Piraeus - the biggest Greek local government body that emphasizes in providing environmental services to its 18 Municipality - members. Furthermore he holds the position of a research associate in a number of developmental partnerships that provide environmental and social services to citizens and are funded by the European Social Fund.

From 2009-2012, he was a Member of the Standing Committee of Environment and Sustainable Development in the Technical Chamber of Greece. The Committee is Chamber's responsible scientific national - scale tool for technical issues that focus in Environment and Sustainable Development.

Major Publications

Banousis D., 2016, "EU's Legal Framework for Marine Spatial Planning. Grouping the initiatives" (In Greek), Nomos+Physis, Athens

Conference Paper

Banousis D., 2009, "Restoration of dangerous illegal landfills: The case of illegal landfill of Schisto at Perama (GREECE)", HSWMA 3rd International Conference: Solid Waste Management: Towards a Zero Waste Society, Athens