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Dr. Gerasimos Rodotheatos, PhD, Panteion University

Contact Information

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ResearchGate: Makis Rodotheatos, PhD Can.
Linkedin: Gerasimos (Makis) Rodotheatos
SSRN Page: Gerasimos (Makis) Rodotheatos


Curriculum Vitae

Gerasimos Rodotheatos was born in Patras and holds a PhD on Law of the Sea from the Department of International, European and Area Studies of Panteion University (Iraklitos II Scholar, funded by the EU). The topic of his thesis is “International Legal Status of Artificial Islands and Structures. Creation, Use and Decommission. A Legal Approach”, supervised by Professor Gr. Tsaltas. Researcher with the  European Centre for Environmental Research and Training of Panteion University, since its early days, full member of the Hellenic Society for International Law and International Relations since 2008, member of the Network of Educators for Sustainable Development since 2009 and volunteer with the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature.

He holds an MA on Environmental Governance and Sustainable Development (remarks: Excellent) with his Thesis Topic being: “Environmental Protection of Outer Space. The case of Space Debris“, as well as a BA from the Department of International and European Studies of Panteion University.

In 2011 he graduated the 16th Rhodes Academy on Oceans Law and Policy (Organized by: Center for Oceans Law and Policy – University of Virginia, Law of the Sea Institute of Iceland, Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea and the Aegean Institute for Maritime Law and Law of the Sea) and the Tulane University Summer School on Maritime Law (Organized by: Tulane University and the Aegean Institute for Maritime Law and Law of the Sea).

He has also received training on environmental protection, space affairs and law of the sea issues in prestigious seminars such as: Maritime Security and Safety from Theory to Practice, MARSAFENET Training School, (2014, Procida), 1st European Sustainability Academy “European Energy Policy and Climate Change. Political and Economic Aspects” (2008, Organized by: European Academy of Otzenhausen, Institut Fuer Europaeische Politik - Berlin, University Of Trier. Otzenhausen, Germany), 15th European Centre for Space Law Summer School on “Space Law and Policy” (2006, Organized by: European Centre for Space Law, Noordwijk, The Netherlands) and the 14th European Centre for Space Law Summer School on “Space Law and Policy” (2005, Organized by: European Centre for Space Law. Terni, Italy) etc.

His research and academic interests cover the subjects of Law of the Sea, Air and Outer Space Law, International Development Law and Policy, Geography in International Studies and International Environmental Law and Policy. He is a mandated teaching participant in Panteion University International, European and Area Studies Faculty Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs.


Courses taught:

- Law of the Sea (undergraduate)

- Air and Outer Space Law (undergraduate)

- Geography of Poverty and Underdevelopment (postgraduate)

- International Law and Institutions of Development (postgraduate)

- International Environmental Law (postgraduate)


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