Copenhagen 2009: The Environment in the middle of an International Crisis Print

Tsaltas G. - Katsimpardis K. (editing)

Publ. I. Sideris, Athens, 2011

Proceedings of the conference that took place on February 26-27th, 2010, at Panteion University. The volume includes contributions on the failure of the international community to adopt a post-Kyoto Agreement, at the Copenhagen Summit in December 2009. The Appendix contains the English text of the Copenhagen Accord and its greek translation.

The book was presented at the premises of the Institute of International Relations, on 20th of May, 2011, by: Ioannis Maniatis (Deputy Minister of Environment), Georgios Koumoutsakos (MEP), Dimitris Papadimoulis (MP), Christina Theoharis (President UOA), Anny Mitropoulou (Director, Mediterranean SOS). Moderator: Nicholas Voulelis, Journalist.