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1 15 χρόνια ΕΚεΠΕΚ - Συνεργασία φορέων με σκοπό την περιβαλλοντική έρευνα και κατάρτιση
2 Πρακτικά εκδήλωσης «Παρίσι ώρα μηδέν; Ο ρόλος της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης – προκλήσεις και προοπτικές»
3 Scientific Meeting "Collapse or Sustainability? Ecological Integrity as a Fundamental Norm of Law and Governance" 
5 Environment, Tourism and Development. The role of the local administration and social partners’ in Greece
6 RIO +20, EKePEK+10 – Evaluating the Past and Moving Forward
7 Οργάνωση Ημερίδας με θέμα: «Δικαστική Προστασία Περιβάλλοντος & Ευθύνη από Περιβαλλοντική Ζημία»
8 Social Development, Environment and Climate Change in the Insular States of the Pacific Ocean. The case of Tonga Islands Archipelago
9 Climate and the City: Towards Copenhagen
10 Climate Change and the use of renewable sources of energy. The Case of Sterea Ellada Region
11 International Climate Policy: The road to Copenhagen
12 Greece in the framework of the Mediterranean Development Prospect, Challenges and Problems
13 The right to food. World Food Crisis and the Environment
14 Union for the Mediterranean. Political visions and aquatic stories: Environmental challenges for the marine space
15 World Food Crisis and Climate Change
16 Good Practices of EQUAL Communtity Initiative: Problems and Integration Policies for Disable People
17 Informing and Raising Awareness of Employers and the Authorities on the occupational status of Disabled People
18 The Environment after the UN Climate Change Conference in Bali
19 Policies for the Environmental Management and Protection of marine areas against pollution. The case of the Ionian Islands with special emphasis to the island of Kythira
20 Highlighting and combatting discriminations in the field of labor relations of disabled people
21 Cyprus. Developments and Perspectives
22 Sustainable Approach and Infrastructure Development Assessment for Disabled People in the Prefecture of Epirus
23 Economic, Political, Social Dimensions and Development Percepectives in the fields of Environment and Tourtism in Epirus Region
24 Perspectives of Sustainable Development, Protection and Management of the Marine Environment of the Wetland of Lake Korission and the Development of Insular Regions
25 Environment and Culture. Two Intertwoven Notions
26 The role of Environmental NGOs in policy making