Geography in International Studies: A Geographic Approach of the Contemporary International Community Print

Tsaltas Grigoris (ed.), Bourtzis Tilemachos, Mavrogenis Stavros, Rodotheatos Gerasimos

Publ. I. Sideris, Athens, 2011

The book attempts to combine geographical approaches with the evolution of modern international community and the contemporary development issues.

The different disciplines of geography can be identified in an effort to present and highlight interactions between physical, political and human geography.

The book was presented on Saturday, 17th of December 2011 at Athens Hilton Hotel, during the Athens Money Show 2011, by: Marilena Koppa (As. Professor, MEP), Pantelis Sklias (Assoc. University Professor / University of Peloponnese), Constantine Koliopoulos (As. Professor / Panteion University).